"Gentlemen, I would rather believe that two Yankee professors would lie than believe that stones fall from heaven."
Thomas Jefferson
Weston Meteorite Fall
I have also included some new well deserved resource sites, as well as adding some great learning videos and other surprises in which you can sit back, relax and learn. I do sell meteorites on occasion, usually just the very rare or hardest to acquire which can be found on my Meteorite Sales page by clicking HERE. I will post these sales as I acquire them. Please feel free to browse this site and check out some of my meteorite collection on the Slideshow posted below. Please keep checking back often for updates as Cosmic Treasures Celestial Wonders grows and expands. If you find any broken links or have any questions, please contact me by clicking HERE.

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Welcome to Cosmic Treasures Celestial Wonders About Page.
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Don Merchant
Founder-Cosmic Treasures Celestial Wonders
December 1807 

Greetings from Cosmic Treasures Celestial Wonders. My name is Don Merchant and I have been an amateur astronomer for over 37+ years. I have built my own telescope at the age of 13, which I still use today and is now modified and computer controlled. I have observed many Wonders of the heavens over those years, like Comet West and it's nucleus splitting into 4 pieces, which I feel was the best underrated comet of the last 50 maybe 100 years. I have seen the planet Venus cross our Sun's disk. I have witnessed a daylight fireball so bright it made national headlines, just to name a few. My biggest thrill was holding my very own first meteorite! Wow, a piece of the universe in its most primitive state in my hands! I also have been collecting and selling meteorites for over 10 years and have acquired a very nice meteorite collection using wise decisions, staying to my budget, and knowing who I am dealing with. I am a member of the International Meteorite Collectors Association (IMCA) of which you can click my IMCA membership logo below for verification. Lastly and for those interested, I am very active in the study of haunted paranormal. I am Co-Founder of Sci Tech Paranormal Investigations, click HERE. I created several CD documentaries of a haunted asylum (The Genesee County Poorhouse, alias Rolling Hills) located in Upstate N.Y. I also created 2 videos related to the Frank's Box posted on Youtube & Sci Tech P. I. click HERE
Okay back to Cosmic Treasures Celestial Wonders... I created this site to share my years of interest with meteorites and astronomy. I wanted to provide the best information and resources, so new meteorite collectors who are just starting out could learn the basics on meteorites, buying, selling, and including protecting yourself when purchasing meteorites. I also wanted to provide the new astronomer with great resources and the most recent ground breaking news in the world of the cosmos.  
I have spent many hours over the years checking different sites for learning resources, parts for my telescope and other items I needed related to meteorites and astronomy. With so many Websites and items to choose from out on the internet, this can become overwhelming for the beginner. The resources here on this site will not only help educate you, but also help guide and steer you in the right direction. You will find subjects like, who should you trust when purchasing astronomy/meteorite related items! What about service after the sale? Delivery time? Decent Prices? I have listed many resources which I have used for years with great satisfaction!  
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The Don Merchant Meteorite Collection
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