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Research has shown that many people tend to learn and grasp information a bit better from a video as compared to just reading text. With that in mind I selected these particular Videos because I feel the content is well explained and presented in ways that will not only help you understand but also help you to remember. Please report any broken links by clicking HERE
*** On slower computers, allowing the video to load up several seconds before playing will help *** prevent video stutter. To do this just simply start and play video then click the pause button. Wait 15 to 30 seconds then press play again. The video should play stutter free for the entirety. 
A decent video explaining the Big Bang Theory with great animation and a super understanding on how it all began. 
A brief understanding for each of the 8 planets including the Sun.
An outstanding video explaining the differences of Asteroids & Comets with nice special effects.
Part 1 has great information on how telescopes work. The 3 types of telescopes. Includes mounts, eyepieces and costs. Excellent video!
Part 2 also has great information on how telescopes work. The 3 types of telescopes. Includes mounts, eyepieces and costs.
A video containing some great footage and loads of information. Starting from the Sun and planets and traveling beyond the solar system, you learn the great distances involved.
Part 1 explains the uses of the telescope with many beautiful pictures showing what you the viewer can see in the night sky. 
Part 2 explains the Lunar & Solar eclipses, including observing stars with binoculars and understanding the celestial coordinate lingo.
Part 3 explains some popular nebulae and local galaxies. Contains great information presented with breathtaking photographs.
Bonus Video
An excellent video presenting some history of man's wonderment of the heavens thousands of years ago by the Egyptians. Also explains the movements of the Earth as it revolves around the Sun and the constellations in relation to the Earth's rotation. 
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