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Yes it's simple but a great beginners video explaining the differences of an asteroid, meteoriod, meteor, and meteorite.
A video that explains how to identify a meteorite. Shows some nice close-ups of meteorites that explain a meteorites make-up.
Professor Randy L. Korotev explains meteorites from different celestial bodies and talks about what makes one more valuable than the other.
An inspirational video on the origin and wonder of meteorites we find here on Earth.
Alan Rubin hosts a tour of UCLA's meteorite gallery showing some spectacular specimens.
A nice video that shows some prized meteorites that a collector may want to have in his or her collection. Also tells about the history of each meteorite displayed. Very interesting video.
An incredible rare documentay of the famous and historic fall of the Sikhote-Alin Meteorite on February 12th 1947 in Russia.
Another incredible documentay! This video talks about the Tunguska event that took place on July 30th 1908 in Siberia. 
Bonus Video
Want to see a meteor Shower? This is a neat time lapse video of the annual Perseid Meteor Shower that took place in 2012 as seen from Bexar County, Texas. The Perseid Meteor Shower is associated with comet Swift-Tuttle, and can produce 100 meteors per hour. The meteors appear to emanate from the constellation Perseus.
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