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Welcome to the Mix of Links Page.
Here you will find many mixed links that I have used in the past and at present. I have divided this page into 2 sections - Astronomy Links and Meteorite Links. I have broken each section into categories much like I have done on my other pages to allow for an easy visual reference location. I have also added a few Unique Mix of Links on this page which may interest some of you visitors! Simply click any image and a new page will open up to that specific site selected. I will continue to add more links in the future as I review them or other sites that I have missed while creating this page. Please report any broken Links by clicking HERE
Astronomy Links
Meteorite Dealers/Sellers
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General Astronomy
One of the most beautiful websites on the net! All about the Hubble telescope, discoveries & great links.
Another beautiful website with updates and links to the world of astronomy & space voyages!
A beautiful website that covers many areas of astronomy with activities, news & resources.
A website filled with an enormous amout of fantastic links to help the beginner on learning astronomy. 
A website for beginners to learn about the solar system with links and recent astronomy news.
A great site directory of astronomy related links like equipment, astronomy, news & much more!
An interesting website full of great links and astronomy site reviews which are useful for any beginner.
Exploratorium Ten Cool Sites is a collection of cool, interactive astronomy sites from the Web!
Unique Mix of Links

Discovery Telescopes 
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 A Meteorite Mailing List for the purpose of providing fast efficient methods to relay information regarding meteorites, meteorite collecting & meteorite hunting.
An on-line monthly meteorite magazine to read & learn about meteorites as seen through the eyes of meteorite collectors, hunters and dealers.
 A forum to learn and chat about  meteorites, from buying, selling and trading. Meet with hunters, collectors  and all those involved with every aspect of meteorites.
The IMCA helps Meteorite Collectors in their search for Authentic Meteorites for their collections & assists in helping others learn about meteorites.
Meteorite Info-Sharing Websites 
The website of Sky & Telescope Magazine. Well worth looking at and full of fantasic info and links.
 A beautiful magazine full of news and astronomy related articles! 
Telescope Manufactures
Dealer Part Suppliers 
Meteorite Resources
Additional Info. Links
Below listed are some of the top telescope manufactures and dealer suppliers in the world! I personally have used many of these. Just click an image to view their site. 
An excellent site full of resources covering many areas related to meteorites and collecting! 
A short informative resource page to Learn about meteorites. Has links to many top meteorite sites.  
A nice page of resources for you to browse. Has a few links to unusual meteorite products as well.
 A website with tips on meteorite hunting, suggested equipment & a step by step method for beginners.
 An Excellent website that centers its info. on planetary meteorites such as Martian & Lunar.
 Below are several additional links to sites with meteorite resources on hunting and collecting meteorites for the beginner just starting out. Just click an image to view the website.
A neat special HUBBLESITE feature of a fully interactive multimedia experience on black holes! Nice!  
INCREDIBLE! You can spend months on this site! An interactive information-management system which encompasses the entirety of the observable universe. WOW!
Definitely worth checking out! Sells top name telescope brands and has great unique gift ideas!
5 Stars! I have used this site for a good many years. Here you can find any book, used or new and the savings are outrageous! Lots of astronomy and meteorite books too!
Edmund Scientific
Edmunds Scientific has been around since the 1940's! There is no place like it. Here you can find unique science gifts, telescopes, hundreds of science-related toys, supplies and more! 5 stars.
Create Your Own Website
WebStarts is the best site to create and build your own website BAR NONE! No need to know html. The software & tools will guide you to easy website creation!
A 5 Star site of meteorite resources & news including links to meteorite dealers & organizations.  
World-renowned manufacturer of astronomical telescopes and after market accessories.
5 Star site that will help guide you to finding anything related to meteorites.
A small but well respected site for telescope accessories & one I have  been using for over 30 years!  
A site dedicated to the telescopes of Thomas Cave of Cave Optical Co.
An excellent place to shop for discounted or reasonable priced telescopes parts & other items!