Solar System Scope
  This software gives you a variety of ways to manipulate the objects including:

The ability to see the solar system on certain days in the past, present, and future.
3 views of the solar system: Geocentric, Heliocentric & Panoramic (shown below during intro)
Built in distance meter to measure distances between objects.
View objects close up and from different angles.
Search for specific objects.
Change view depending on your location.
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Note: Must have the latest Adobe Flash Player to run and interact with Solar System Scope
Tips on how to use Solar System Scope
Click your mouse on any of the 5 icons to the left - Arrow-Question Mark, Hand with one finger up,              Circles (brown colored icon), Big and Small Gear and last the Checkered Triangle. This will show               hidden icons that appear on the right side. Clicking any hidden icon will allow you to choose or
   change many options such as, ON-OFF, View, Settings for Stars, Moon, Planets, Constellations, even        your Observing Location so you can see the sky on here as it looks in your own backyard.

By holding your mouse down you can drag the night sky up, down, left or right (N,S,E,W)

To Find Distance - In Heliocentric & Geocentric views, hover mouse on any Planet, Sun or Moon to show    Distance Meter (double yellow arrows) Now click the yellow arrow then hover on any other object.    
By Clicking the very top right side Arrow then press the space bar on your keyboard = Full Screen.

You can visit the planets (Heliocentric View) by double clicking your mouse on any planet. To go back 
   just double click the planet again.

Hovering your mouse over the Date and Time ( located in the long rectangular grey box located at the
  bottom middle of Solar System Scope
) will allow you to change the date for past, present, and future
  years from 1900 to the year 2100, so you can see what the night sky looks like at that time period.

The Scale on the right side with an arrow, will allow you to zoom in or out by dragging the arrow up or
  down the scale with your mouse.

The 4 icons located at the top right side, control the Speaker sound turning on or off. The Flag type icon
  will let you choose a language. The Single Gear will allow you to hide all icons by clicking the TAB key on
  your keyboard. Lastly the Arrow will allow full screen by pressing your space bar on your keyboard.

Solar System Scope is basically a 3D visualization of the solar system showing the celestial positions of the planets, constellations and other objects in the night sky.

Please install latest Flash Player to run Solar System Scope

Please install latest Flash Player to run Solar System Scope
 One more great Tip
The Middle Arrow = forward play button. If you click this arrow you will need to click it again to stop motion, so you can use the other 2 arrows. The other 2 arrows  (fast forward & reverse) will need you to Click & Hold your mouse for them to work.
Watch how the Date & Time (next to arrows on left) changes as you go forward and  backward (reverse arrow) in conjunction with the motion of the Stars & Planets.