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Welcome to the Meteorite Resources Page.
Having been on many sites searching for resources, the one thing I found out was how time consuming searching can become. I would spend much time navigating each site until I found a particular type of information related to meteorites that I wanted to know and learn about. Many sites had some info or maybe not enough or the material was not covered at all. So then I would move on to the next site and so on. The resources and information on the internet is vast and the subject of meteorites is no exception. I have made this page user friendly and a time saver in one. I have simplified this meteorite resource page by breaking it down into general categories of the most common areas related to meteorites. I have also added a few unique sites that many meteorite enthusiasts may not be aware of but may find interesting in its learning content.
*** If you are looking for a list or links to Meteorite Dealers you will find this *** information on the Mix of Links page or by clicking HERE
Scroll to view each category and read the review, then click the            icon. A new page will open to that information! As Cosmic Treasures Celestial Wonders grows I will add more links to other sites as I review them based on presented content. Please report any broken links by clicking HERE
Meteorite Origins
 Identifying a Meteorite
Famous Meteorites
Department of Planetary Studies UNA
Gives a nice general detail about
where meteorites come from.
Informative page on where
meteorites come from.
Right to the point explaination on where meteorites originate.
Helpful Tid Bits

These are the most common units of mass when dealing with meteorites.

454 grams = 1 pound

2.2 pounds = 1 kilogram

1000 grams = 1 kilogram

1000 milligrams = 1.0 gram

500 miligrams = 0.5 gram

100 miligrams = 0.1 gram

1 carat = 0.2 gram

1 carat = 200 milligram
Dictionary can't find a word?
Down below is one of the best Meteorite Glossaries I have come across in a while! If the word is not here it doesn't exist!

Northern Arizona Meteorite Laboratory
An amazing glossary of meteorite related words with pictures and illustrations.
Meteorite Glossary
Below is a simple & useful 
Unit Converter


Just click Wt. at the top of gadget which stands for Weight.

 Type your meteorite weight in the From: box. Choose the Mass Unit your using located underneath.

Click any Mass Unit on right side to view the conversion in the to: box.

I have separated these resources down below from the resources above. This was done because all the categories below, with minor exception of the Museums category, go hand in hand as a Meteorite Collector and Meteorite Hunter. These categories will help educate your decision to move on or advance to a more "hands on approach" in this most fascinating hobby of meteorites.  
Arizona Skies Meteorites
An excellent page using beautiful pictures to identify meteorites.
UNM Institute of Meteoritics
Another nice page using photos to help identify meteorites.
ELKK Meteorites
A simple page with photos that will help you identify a meteorite.
When page loads go to the bottom far right to "glossary" and click the appropriate letter for the word you are looking for.
Dept. of Earth & Sciences
Washington Unv. in St. Louis
A 5 star site page using tons of pictures that show meteorite-wrongs from meteorite rights. 
Cascadia Meteorite Laboratory
Portland State University
Nice 4 page summary with very clear photos showing meteorite wrongs.  
Meteorite Classification
Earth Science Australia
Excellent complete very detailed table of meteorite classification. 
Dweir's Meteorite Studies
The best place to learn meteorite classification. Also includes photos.
The Meteorite Market
Another fantastic well done fully complete classification table.
Meteorite Databases
The Meteoritical Society
An excellent search database for information on any meteorite. 
The Internet Encyclopedia of Science
A decent science encyclopedia for meanings of meteorite words.
Natural History Museum
The Catalog of Meteorites
Another excellent search database.
Impact Craters on Earth
University of New Brunswick
Excellent site with a Data Base to search the Earths impact craters!
The Google Maps Meteorite Impact Viewer
Incredible! Great source to view via satellite, all impact craters on Earth.
The Internet Encyclopedia of Science
Great pictures and info on some of the most famous Meteorites.
      A nice list with pictures & Info of very notable meteorites.
Jensen Meteorites
A Page with photos & info on
some of the largest meteorites.
Meteorite Hammers
Nice page with a list of meteorites that hit something.
Michael Blood Meteorites
Page 1 of meteorite hammers with photos and great hammer info.
Michael Blood Meteorites
Page 2 of meteorite hammers with photos and great hammer info.
Recent Falls
Galactic Stone & Ironworks

A very nice page listing the falls of the 21st century containing the meteorite info & some photos.
Jensen Meteorites

Another nice page of recent falls with great photos and information.
Pioneers of Meteorites
The Meteorite Exchange, Inc.
Excellent! Has 28 articles written by Al Mitterling  about H.H. Nniniger
Northern Arizona University
Great interview of  H. H. Nininger in 1976 by the Flagstaff Public Library.

Starships of the Third Fleet
Has a short page about the legend Meteorite Man Bob Haag.
 Meteorite Facts/Myths
Meteorite Q & A's 
ARMAGH Planetarium
Nice Page with lots of answers to questions about meteorites!
Natural History Museum

Some more questions & answers.

Small page of some interesting fun facts about meteorites.

A short page that clears up some common myths about meteorites. 
** More information and resources on Meteorite Collecting ** and Meteorite Hunting can be found on 3 other pages that I have listed below. Just click the page of interest.
 Meteorite Collecting
Meteorite Hunting
An excellent page with pictures written by Geoffrey Notkin covering fine points for starting a meteorite collection!
A page with videos & photos written by Geoffrey Notkin giving some tips and personal accounts on meteorite hunting.
Meteorites USA
A page with insight in how to get started with meteorite hunting including equipment.   Has ideas on where to hunt.  
Galactic Stone
Nice page called "Meteorites-Ambassadors from Space" by Michael Gilmore on collecting and how meteorites made there way into the hands of collectors.
Meteorites For
Great page on important factors one should be aware of including things you should consider when deciding to start acquiring a  meteorite collection.
The Meteorite Market
A page that helps answer some common questions into the world of meteorite collecting as well as maintaining your collection.
Meteorite Men
The Official Site of the Meteorite Men! Always something to learn about meteorite hunting here.
Click Image
Science Channel
Shows dates & times, photos, quizzes & all about the show Meteorite Men.
Click Image 
1. Read all you can on meteorite types, history, and rarity.
2. Decide what special type meteorites you want to collect.
3. Know Your BUDGET! I can't stress this enough. In any     
     collecting hobby one can get carried away with their funds.
4. Once you select a meteorite you like, do some research
     on it like availability, prices, sizes, and AUTHENTICITY!
5. Research the Dealer you are considering purchasing from.
6. Know Your Budget! Enough said.
7. Document, Label and take Photos of each meteorite.
8. Read up on maintaining and preserving your collection. More info like this is here on my eBay Meteorite Info Page. 
Meteorite Collecting Tid Bits
 There are many areas of things to collect related to meteorites besides meteorites themselves. Some people collect postcards of meteorites, particularly vintage postcards. Other people collect stamps that depict or commemorate meteorites on them. Still others collect meteorite coins. These can be old ancient coins that show sacred stones "meteorites" engraved or stamped on them. Today modern coins now have pieces of actual meteorites that are glued or attached in some way right onto the coin! People collect these as well. I have listed below some links to these type collections, this way you can decide what interests of collecting appeal to you.  
More Meteorite Collecting
Pib's Home on the Web
Unique Page of interesting meteorite stamps & coins!
 Midwest Meteorites
Nice page of photos & info on some ancient meteorite coins! 
Daryl's Space Collection
Nice collection page of modern meteorite coins & medals! 
Preserving-Repairing- Storing-Displaying Meteorites
The Meteorite Market
Nice page on the basics of meteorite preservation & repair.
Jim's Fragments
Preservation-Meteorite-Times Magazine by Jim Tobin.
A simple page that explains how to care for your iron meteorites.
A site with many displays to show off your meteorites. 

Micrometeorite Dust
Home Science Tools
A simple how to page so anyone can collect Micrometeorites!
Etching Iron Meteorites & Testing for Nickel
A meteorites 101 on Etching conducted by Ron Hartman for the Meteorite-Times Magazine.
An excellent page with step by step instructions on how to etch an iron meteorite.
Meteorite Junction
Has a nice step by step article on how to test a meteorites for any nickel content. 
Arizona Skies Meteorites
Beautuful page with photos of iron meteorites showing their true inner beauty after etching.
Meteorite Museums
Meteorite Test Labs
Below are 2 classification scales for chodrites which are the type meteorites most found on Earth and of which make up about 85% of all falls. The Shock Stage Classification and the Weathering Grade Classification will help explain some of the letters and numbers that are officially appointed to a chondrite meteorites history data. You may occasionally come across these letters & numbers when searching for or purchasing meteorites from a seller.
Shock Stage Classification
Used for chondrite type meteorites. This system puts into persective the high velocity impact history for that type meteorite.
Weathering Grade Classification
Grades the weathering of chondrite type meteorites from chemical reactions by the Earth's environmental conditions. 
S1-Not shocked
S2-Very weakly shocked
S3-Weakly shocked
S4-Moderately shocked
S5-Strongly shocked
S6-Very strongly shocked
Shock melted
W0-No visable oxidation
W1-Minor oxidation
W2-Moderate oxidation 20-60% altered
W3-Heavy oxidation 60-95% replaced
W4-Complete oxidation except silicates
W5-Olivine & pyroxene  slightly altered
W6-Massive replacement of silicates
More Useful Meteorite Tid Bits
Dweir's Meteorite Studies
Excellent page showing a decent list of meteorite labs to have a suspected meteorite tested.
Another fantastic page listing many meteorite labs to send your meteorite for testing. 
The Mineralogy Club-Antwerp, Belgium has a page listed here of meteorite museums in the U. S. 
Jensen Meteorites
A page of links to Museums with the largest meteorite collections in the world. Some links broken.
Meteorite Associations 
I. M. C. A.
International Meteorite Collectors Association
This is an Association that I am a proud member to be a part of. The I.M.C.A.'s prime purpose is to help meteorite collectors in their search for authentic meteorites for their collections. Worth looking at with lots of meteorite information.
Meteorite Societies
The Meteoritical Society
The Meteoritical Society is a non-profit scholarly organization founded in 1933 to promote the study of extraterrestrial materials, meteorites and space mission returned samples, and their history.
British and Irish Meteorite Society
The BIMS was formed in 2004. We provide a meteorite collecting and study focus for the UK and Ireland, and are the only meteorite group in the UK and one of only three in the entire world.
Meteorite Central
Meteorite Central is a Meteorite Mailing List that provides a fast and efficient method to relay pertinent information regarding meteorites and meteorite collecting & hunting. Currently there is over 900 members and is growing.   
Meteorite Mailing Lists
Meteorite Magazines & Journals
A magazine that serves as a forum for communication between amateurs, collectors, educators, dealers, interested in meteorites. Published quarterly in February, May, August and November.
Meteorite Times Magazine
An on-line monthly meteorite magazine full of meteorite articles, images, and people. Read about the world of meteorites as seen through the eyes of meteorite collectors and meteorite dealers as they hunt meteorites. 
Meteoritics & Planetary Science
Is an international monthly journal of planetary science published by the Meteoritical Society. First issued in 1953, the journal publishes research articles, describes the latest results of new studies, invited reviews of major topics in planetary science, editorials on issues of current interest in the field.  
Meteorite Calendar
Meteorite Picture of the Day
          Hosted by Tucson Meteorites          An incredible site that shows a different meteorite picture each day! Shows beautiful close-up pictures of many different types of meteorites.
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Down below I have listed more meteorite related categories. They are actually items, rather then true categories of learning content, with the exception of the Meteorite Dealers. For this reason I have omitted them from this Resource Page. These type items are widely used by many meteorite collectors & meteorite hunters.    
Meteorites-For-Sale.Com  A simple right to the point page explaining meteorite care. 
I have listed all these different items including information about each one on my Tools of Both Trades page. If your looking for a list of  Meteorite Dealers, you will find this list located on my Mix of Links page.
Click any title below to view more.   
Meteorite Hunting & Collecting This meteorite related magazine focuses on the adventures and fun of meteorite hunting and meteorite collecting. Includes the science behind meteorites.
At this time production of the magazine is on hold till further notice.

 Encyclopedia of Meteorites
An excellent resource to learn about meteorites with many images.
Meteorite Books 
5 Stars! Below are 2 of the best books to start learning about meteorites. Just click an image to read and view more.
Meteorite History
Meteorite Collecting
Meteorite Hunting
Meteorite Maintenance
Etching Meteorites
Meteorite Testing Labs
Meteorite Museums
Meteorite Affiliations
Topics Listed on Page
 Unit Converter
Cosmic Treasure of the Month
Listen to Live Meteor Echoes
Space Weather Radar
Space Surveillance Radar
Meteor Echoes


The Air Force Space Surveillance Radar is scanning the skies above Texas.
When a meteor or satellite passes over the facility--ping!--there is an echo. 
 Click Image to Hear Live Meteor Echoes